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    Press conference

    Ooh girl, it's Randy!
    Ooh girl, it's Randy!

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    Press conference Empty Press conference

    Post  Ooh girl, it's Randy! on Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:41 pm

    -after practice, gets showered up and puts on the clothes I wore earlier and heads to the auditorium for my news conference-
    -sits down at a table set up on stage and focusing on the camera, lets everyone know what my situation is-
    At this point, I have 6 schools on my list. University of DC, Boise State, Notre Dame, Texas, Oregon, and Missouri. I've already visited Boise and Oregon, with visits set up every weekend up until the 1st of December, so my official top 5 won't be figured out until after I've taken my last visit. As for now, my main focuses are on school, hard work on the field, gearing up for the playoffs, getting ready for basketball season (after which I'll have my top 3), and beating Sherman this Friday. I thank you all for your time and hope this helps everyone get an idea on the next step in my athletic career. Thank you.
    -gets up and walks out before being met by more news reporters and takes a few questions before finally leaving and heads home-
    -tweets from my phone- Watch me tonight on the news! Bigger news than this election mess. #SuperstarStatus #ImOnMyWay
    -Facebook status- Wow... can't believe all the news coverage I've had! Check the newspaper tomorrow morning, watch the news tonight; either way, I'm being featured everywhere!

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